The Tumultuous Archipelago

The Botched Job

The thieves that failed

It all started like a normal job that the Kari dealt out to a group of its fine members.  The freshly promoted Captain Jud was given lead of a mission to find and kill any members of the 5th noble family, the Smogul family, at the Frogner's estate.  The Smogol family disappeared 30 years ago and were always the most difficult for the Kari, and now there were some whispers of the head of the family being seen out in the woods.  The Kari never fully trust all of its members with the whole mission, so the others assigned to this task; Willow, Mordai, and Victor, were told that they were simply going to steal their families lineage records to ransom them.  The Kari had begun sowing rumors of the Frogner family being impure and not truly nobles.  The Kari did not put enough thought into this missions players, because Victor was in love with the heir to the Frogner family, Andrea, Willow was looking to grow her power and wanted a wand held by someone employed by the Frogners, and Mordai was jealous of Jud's promotion and wanted to leave the mission successful with Jud dead inside.  The team was adequately skilled; with a master thief, a rouge of the wilds, a young sorceress, and an arcane rogue.  

The mission started well enough, with Jud asking for some advice on how the team thought the best course of action to complete this task would go.  They all gave a little input, then headed to the Frogner's district of town and began some recon.  They scouted around the outside walls and noticed the guards patterns, set up a diversion, and deftly climbed the walls.  Not all were as graceful on their way down though.  They made their way to the stables to make their second plan while they were inside the walls.  They quickly decided that the best entrance for them was through a window towards the back of the house.  Willow turned herself and Victor invisible and they made their way to the house.  

Upon entering, they found themselves in an art gallery, and Mordai could not help but notice some pocket sized jeweled eggs.  Before grabbing such an easy score, he decided to try and detect some magic.  He felt a wide variety of magic coming from the room above them, and from the walls, which seemed to muffle the outside noise.  There was no magical sound coming from the eggs, so he grabbed an elegantly crafted diamond jeweled obsidian egg.  While he was pocketing the egg, Jud gave the go ahead for Victor and Willow to find the way up stairs and and find the bridge that led to the tower.  

The two of them found their way to a set of double stairs that went up around a garden that was in the middle of the house.  They ascended the eastern staircase side by side, and noticed two guards standing right in front of the door to the bridge.  Victor guided them back down to report their findings.  Victor suggested going back up there to see if there were other guards in the halls too, or if they were the only ones.  Once again the invisible duo ascended the stairs.  While Willow was looking at the guards as they were turning into a hallway, she bumped the wall loud enough to alert one of the guards to the strange sound.  She retreated back to Jud and Mordai, as he began to advance to where the sound came from, rapier drawn.  Victor tucked around the corner and started looking for other guards on the second floor.  He noticed one outside on a porch that was facing the front gate of the estate, but no others.  Before he returned to Jud and Mordai, Willow left again and tried the other staircase.  She walked down the hall a little ways listening at some doors.  She decided to return to the others once she heard someone in a room sharpening his/her sword.  

With all the members back in the art gallery, Jud decided to have the team split and try to take out the guards quickly and get through the doors before anyone noticed.  That was not as simple as one would think.  Once again the guard, wary already due to hearing a strange sound earlier, heard Willow's steps as she ascended the stairs.  this time he began to approach with confidence that someone was there, and the struggle began.  The Guards began yelling for assistance, but no one was hearing them due to the sound muting enchantments on the rooms.  Finally, one of the guards ran to a nearby room and began opening doors and yelling at people, waking them up.  Once they began to ess other people coming out to defend the house, they chose to run into the tower and lead the guards on a chase.  They made it through the bridge avoiding a floor trap that was in the middle of the floor.  

The first room in the tower was filled with furniture for lounging and had two stair cases, one up and one down.  





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